HERBA - About Herba




Herba Gıda Maddeleri Ltd. is sister company of Turer Company, founded in 1999. It is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of TR HERBA branded natural feed additives and essential oils. The company focuses on distillation and extraction of medicinal and aromatic plants grown in Flora of Turkey and carries out research and development studies aiming food and animal husbandry sector.


In poultry and livestock diets, antibiotics had been included to promote health and growth for many years. Antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) were highly effective on keeping animals healthy, producing more meat, milk or eggs. However, an increasing number of reports of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in animal and human populations raised doubts about the continued use of antibiotics. Consumers raised concerns about possible residual antibiotics in meat and milk. Consequently, AGPs have been banned (from the beginning of year 2006). Consequently, natural feed additives become alternative to AGPs to maintain health and performance of animals.