Herba Tox®-Dry

Suggested especially for poultry and ruminants.

Definition: Produced by special formulation of clinoptilolite, inactive yeast and essential oil of laurel leaf. It is a natural and toxin binder product.

Composition: Essential oil of laurel leaf, clinoptilolite and inactive yeast. Active components are clinoptilolite inactive yeast and 1,8 cineol.

Advantages: Prevents the absorption of mycotoxins in digestive system, natural pellet binder, improves pellet quality, anti–caking agent, moisture adsorbent, odor remover and rumen ammonia optimizer.


Mode of action: Clinoptilolite and inactive yeast have toxin binder nature. 1,8 cineol exhibits antifungal activity. Due to its antifungal activity, 1,8 cineol inhibits the growth of toxin-producing fungus.


Dosage: 2-4 kg additive/1 ton feed

Presentation: 25 kg in Kraft bag.